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Cybershadow: The Birth of Future

  1. 1st Trimester
  2. Self-Control
  3. Third World
  4. Civilian Tank Dept.
  5. Universal Love (Birth Mix)
  6. 2nd Trimester
  7. Don't Fear Your Future (Birth Mix)
  8. Elicia
  9. Shattered Trust (Birth Mix)
  10. Social Conditioning (Birth Mix)
  11. Responsibility (Birth Mix)
  12. 3rd Trimester

Cybershadow certainly knows how to put together an exquisite album concept from the quality of the artwork presentation right up to the music arrangement and orchestration. They also utilize the most creative use of vocal samples I have heard in quite some time. Normally, I am very critical about sample usage, but the context of the chosen samples as well as the sample sources fits perfectly within the solid musical framework. My only complaint is that five tracks on the album all are labeled as the 'Birth Mix'. Not to sound redundant, but I think it is a bit of an overkill even if the name of the album is called "The Birth of Future". If I was the artists, I would have simply left tracks unblemished from the mix insanity. In any event, Cybershadow has definitely assembled a competent collection of tracks for this album. I for one can't get the lyrics for 'Civilian Tank Dept.' out of my head.

Cybershadow is: Jess Macintyre

P.O. Box 1888
Long Beach, CA 90807-8888


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