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Cyber-Tec: Cyber-Tec

  1. Let Your Body Die ( Birmingham 6 Convulsive Dance Mix )
  2. Human ( Original Mix )
  3. Cauterized ( K.Nitrate EBM mix )
  4. Let Your Body Die ( Original Mix )
  5. Radiance ( Original Mix )
  6. Let Your Body Die ( Cubanate WFTAY Mix )
  7. Cauterized ( Original Mix )
  8. Human ( Machine Manitou Centrifuge mix )
  9. Let Your Body Die ( TVOD Overdosed Mix )
  10. Let Your Body Die ( K-Nitrate Body-Tech Mix - USA only track )
  11. Human ( Maff Evans Anar Trance Mix )
  12. Let Your Body Die ( K-Nitrate Allied forces Mix )

I've been seeing a great deal of criticism of this single from the music community as of late and for the life of my I cannot understand why. Many people seem to be up in arms over Jean-Luc De Meyer's vocal effort on this maxi single. Most people seem to feel that he should be sounding like he does when he performs with Front 242, yet they fail to realize that this is NOT Front 242. This is an off shoot project that developed while the members of Front 242 decide whither or not they want to continue to write music together. I think that while there are only really four distinct songs on this EP, they all do an excellent job of providing the listener with a wide inflection of vocals from slower lyrical style used in 'Human' to the more traditional EBM speed employed on 'Cauterize'. I think the listener simply needs to treat this project as a totally separate entity rather than a side project and perhaps they will understand why it doesn't sound like Front 242 and become disappointed.

Cyber-Tec are: Jean-Luc De Meyer, Jonathan Sharp & Ged Denton

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, D.C. 20044
(202) 783-0044

Licensed from:
Cyber-Tec Records
P.O. Box 108
South District Office
Manchester, M20 OAU


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