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Cyanosis: Stave

  1. Altricial Finger Salvage
  2. Hole of Dust
  3. Pimbifrost Room Congeaz
  4. Addendum

Cyanosis is a solo project hailing from the tiny town of Astoria on the Oregon Coast consisting mostly of treated guitar. Other elements used on the four long tracks include keyboards, a turntable, a drill, and a video sample. One thing for sure, this isn't easy listening music and it certainly isn't anything high tech either. Each track contains numerous buzzs, hums, and clicks which indicate a low budget studio and low-fi recording equipment. Nevertheless Cyanosis tries to make the best of a limited budget and instrumentation with the use of some very unique filters, patches, and pedals to alter, bend, pitchshift, or flange the source instrumentation into something far different than it's original intent. At times this makes the compositions difficult to listen to, due to the caustic nature of the analogue oscillations or out of tune guitar chords. Cyanosis is definitely an example of experimental music at it's best. Anyone who can work with so little and coax so much deserves to join the ranks the original Industrial artists, not only in name, but by design.

Cyanosis is: Roger Hayes

P.O. Box 1012
Astoria, OR 97103


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