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Cubanate: Interference

  1. It
  2. Isolation
  3. 9:59
  4. Hinterland
  5. Ex
  6. Internal
  7. Other Voices
  8. The Horsetrader
  9. Voids
  10. An Airport Bar

Cubanate takes a calculated risk both with signing to an American label WaxTrax! and the massive stylistic change present on "Interference". Drum'n'Bass is the genre of choice, layered with fuzzed guitars, Marc Heal's screaming and thunderous basslines. This is surely not the Cubanate that one has grown to expect with Electro Crossover hits like 'Body Burn' and 'Oxyacetelene'. Cubanate has practically reinvented itself, only keeping the cacophonius vocal stylings and a few rhythmic guitars for good measure. Tracks like 'It' move along at such speeds, you could almost call it Gabba except for the subtle lack of Porn samples and explicit lyrics. I am not sure whether I enjoy this album for it's blazing innovation and thumb in the eye at Industrial music, or if I despise it for it's blitzkreig mentality bowling you over from the very first track. Surely I enjoy tracks like 'Internal' with it's major key keyboards and pumping percussion and 'Horsetrader' with it's silly vocal style and funk, but I also abhore tracks like 'An Airport Bar' for their sheer inanity. Ultimately, you'll probably have to make you own decision if the radical changes present on this Cubanate release are up to your liking.

Cubanate is:
Marc Heal - vocals, programming
Phil Barry - guitars, programming
Roddy Stone - live guitars
Dave Bianchi - live keyboards and electronic percussion

TVT Records
23 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003


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