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Cubanate: Barbarossa

  1. Vortech I
  2. Barbarossa
  3. Joy
  4. Why Are You Here?
  5. Exultation
  6. The Musclemen
  7. Come Alive
  8. Vortech II
  9. Lord of the Flies

While Mr. Heal still shows he is probably the angriest man in this genre and is still creating his amazing and delightful mixture of techno rhythms and brutal guitars, he has added a few new concepts to some of the songs to show he is not one who is satisfied in becoming stagnant and just repeating himself. For instance, the title track includes some spacy analogue sounds which bring to mind Clock DVA. And the vocals on a few tracks are not so in your face, more laid-back, although the subject matter is still very primal and aggressive. This album also includes a lot more tribal drum sounds and rhythms, giving the album a fuller flavor throughout. And if you can believe it, the intensity level on this album has been turned up a notch, so don't expect to be unscathed after listening to this album. (Kevin Congdon)

Cubanate are:
Marc Heal - music, lyrics
Phil Barry - music

c/o CMB Inc.
292 South La Cienega, Ste# 130
Los Angeles, CA 90211


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