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Cubanate: Antimatter

  1. Body Burn
  2. Angeldust
  3. Autonomy
  4. Metal(D-Code Hard Mix)
  5. Junky
  6. Blackout
  7. Exert/Disorder
  8. Kill or Cure
  9. Body Burn(D-Code Club Mix)
  10. Angeltrance (D-Code Mix)
  11. Junky (D-Code Industriance Mix)
  12. Body Burn (Joolsz Extended Mix)

Intense thundering dance industrial with just the apt amount of guitar to amplify the sound, and increase the bpm until your heart explodes. For a band just over one year of age with a record deal and the strong original talent to back it up Cubanate impresses the absolute hell out of me. In the middle of an industry which has been plaqued with copycat bands as of late, Cubanate actually manages to come up with a new angle on the now classic dance industrial scene. Definitely pick this CD up now that Machinery has a US distribution label. Everything will be available in reasonable quantities and rates. An absolute must for those thirsting for something new.

Cubanate are:
Marc Heal - Vocals
Phil Barry - Guitar
GR1 - Keyboards & Percussion
Steve Etheridge - Keyboards & Percussion

Dynamica Records
292 S. LaCienga Blvd
Suite 103
Beverly Hills, CA 90211


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