Album Cover

Ctrl: Secure The Shadow

  1. Scot2
  2. Faqt
  3. Olos
  4. Never Ever
  5. Night
  6. The Dead
  7. Xor Process
  8. Lioc
  9. Desolation
  10. Test Department

Ctrl is just another run of the mill Electro Darkwave act. While the production and overall feel of the music is high quality, the actual composition is tedious. The programming is morbid, the lyrics mundane, and the percussion dreary. There isn't a single musical element on this album that allows Ctrl to stand out from the thousands of underground electronic acts across the world. There is no gimmick, concept, or hook. In short, there is nothing on "Secure The Shadow" that would make anyone want to listen to the album more than once. If Ctrl hopes to make a name for themselves, they desperately need to find an indentity. I can't begin to make suggestions as to what that might entail, because, to be honest, I don't know myself, yet something needs to happen.

Ctrl is:
Brad MaCallister - keyboards, sequencing, guitars
Joel Willard - Vocals, samples, ambient noise
Bill Earley - bass guitar

13 Creekside Drive
Enola, PA 17025


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