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Various Artists: Cryogenic Studios

  1. Equinox - Contact 7:30
  2. Equinox - Nova Man 7:46
  3. Front Line Assembly - Equilibirum 7:04
  4. Front Line Assembly - Transmutation 4:53
  5. Delerium - Infra Stellar 8:18
  6. Delerium - Desert 10:16
  7. Pro-Tech - Thread-Dead 8:41
  8. Pro-Tech - Erotic Onthology 7:14
  9. Synaesthesia - The Flood 9:15

What a surprise, Cleopatra Records capitolizes on their almost monopolistic collection of Front Line Assembly material and related side projects. "Cryogenic Studios" is a nine track, five project collection of new and old material from the Vancouver pioneer Bill Leeb with a little help from Rhys Fulber, Michael Balch, and Chris Peterson. Unlike most Cleopatra collections, however, this one actually contains a fair amount of new material. Both Front Line Assembly tracks and the single Synaesthesia track are brand new, appearing nowhere else. As for the rest of the material, the liner notes state it is all remixes, although each track conspicuously is the same time length as the original and sounds no different when played back to back with the originals. Nevertheless, for those Leeb fans who must have the entire catalogue, this compilation named for the studio where he records all the material. "Cryogenic Studios" also serves as an excellent sampler for someone newly indoctrinated into the Church of Leeb. Albeit, if you have been listening to electronic music for any length of time and have missed the prolific nature of these acts, then you surely must be deaf.

Cleopatra Records
13428 Maxella Ave #251
Marina Del Ray, CA 90292


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