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The Cruxshadows: Telemetry of a Fallen Angel

  1. Descension 0:58
  2. Monsters 4:46
  3. Jackal-Head 6:32
  4. Prometheus 1:11
  5. Clerestory 4:48
  6. Walk Away 8:09
  7. Miss Fortune Returns 0:50
  8. My World 5:24
  9. Fallen Angel 0:45
  10. Hanged Man 5:40
  11. Purgatory 1:48
  12. Marilyn, My Bitterness 5:53
  13. Daedelus Flight...Icarus Falls 1:21
  14. Satellite 5:51

The Cruxshadows are a project that are trying to expand electro-gothic music to another level. To do this they have chosen to utilize the slightly overused 'UFO spotting' motif throughout the entire album. Under normal circumstances I'd probably consider this album to be plain vanilla electro, but the deep tonality of the vocalist, coupled with the occasional gothic guitar chord suggests otherwise. The fact that the music really isn't fast enough for your typical rivethead club, but rather the correct speed for the arm waving, gothic crowd is also an obvious sign. Apart from the obvious cliched motif of the album, musically the band is refreshing amidst all the Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus clones. They have chosen to incorporate just enough electro-industrial elements into their music to give it a crisp, new feel. With luck they will continue this trend instead of following the path of many of their brethren projects.

The Cruxshadows are:
Rogue - vocals, lyrics, violins, kawai drums, backing vocals
Tim Curry - guitars, backing vocals
Sean Flanagan - keyboards, samples, sequences, roland drums, backing vocals

Nesak Intl/Kado Records
21000 Boca Rio Road
Suite A15
Boca Raton, FL 33433


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