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  1. Spontaneous Combustion Hello?
  2. Falling Angels I Gotta Get Outta Here
  3. cd d:\industrial\noise\pollution Move Along
  4. Falling Angels Obnoxious
  5. Spontaneous Combustion Like A Wagon Wheel About Crond....
  6. cd d:\industrial\noise\pollution Na, na, na, na, na *implike grin*
  7. Spontaneous Combustion Whole Lotta Love
  8. Yzark Give It Away On A Steady Course
  9. cd d:\industrial\noise\pollution Webdrones Space Child
  10. cd d:\industrial\noise\pollution We're Doin' Fine

Finally a Philadelphia Spirit Exchange release that doesn't sound like ninety minutes of the same track repeating itself over and over. In case you've been out of it for a while the PSE is a collection of musicians who create free form music on the fly without having written the lyrics or music before hand and do as little as final sequencing as possible in an attempt to create an original sound. The idea falls flat on its face onm the grounds that the artists never learn from their mistakes and have no hope of evolving within their genre without having a concrete style to begin with. In the case of this compilation however there is just enough musical diversity between artists for this concept to function as it was initially intended. Each artists can display it's own unique distinguishing features along side other artists who are trying to create music in similar fashion. My suggestion to the PSE is to produce more compilations of this nature if you want to continue with the same thematic musical endeavor which you seem to be so hell bent on maintaining because it allows the listener to compare and contrast the musical construction technique among a variety of artists instead of one single minded interpretation.

The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment
P.O. Box 994
Blue Bell, PA 19422


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