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Crocodile Shop: Soviet

  1. Soviet (war) 4:37
  2. Alltrack ov Time 4:08
  3. Higher (Oldskool) 4:34
  4. Waiting Game (Pained) 3:54
  5. Soviet (Colder) 4:20
  6. Horizon (Dagaz) 3:36
  7. Same Cars Crashing (Hmmm) 5:57
  8. White Noise (Slo-D) 7:23
  9. Higher (Energy) 4:27
  10. Funeral March (5.0) 4:13
  11. Erase ...Me 4:13
  12. Soviet (Space) 4:05
  13. Sane Cars Crashing (Kool) 3:07

Your favorite Hudson Rover dwelling thunder lizards are back with a remix collection of material from the bands entire back catalogue. Crocodile Shop must have been stockpiling remixes for years by such talented artists as Think Tank, Collide, Android Lust, Urania, Battery, Ish, SMP, and I, Parasite to assemble for "Soviet". These thirteen tracks disassemble, warp, pervert, and shatter conventional remix CD's with a mixture of jackhammer percussion, pulsating basslines, sundry synthesizers and pitchshifted vocals. There is something for everyone on this remix collection. My personal favorites are the three drastically different versions of the title track which all utilize the same percussion as the core element, but branch out in all directions afterwards. Now, we just have to convince this Jersey trio to tour so we can experience their audio assault in a live setting.

Tinman Records
P.O. Box 1114
New Brunswick, NJ, 08901


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