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Crocodile Shop: Metalworks

  1. Waiting Game (Single Mix)
  2. Waiting Game (ShredundHorst EBMix)
  3. Growing Stronger (Berlin Ist Burning)
  4. Higher (Paul Robb's Liquid Mix)
  5. Horizon (UTN's False Dawn)
  6. Celebrate The Enemy (Vive' La France Edit)
  7. Waiting Game (HorstundShred EBMix)
  8. High & Deep (Cydonia Symmetry Mix)

"Metalworks" in the newest Crocodile Shop EP released on Out of Line Records in Germany. Out of Line is the European licensor of the most recent Crocodile Shop album "Pain". This EP was designed originally as special tour merchandise for the brief German tour that Out of Line brought Crocodile Shop over to Europe for in early 1997. The EP is a collection of both newly reworked and old remixes taken from the last three Crocodile Shop releases. For the most part, all of the remixes are drastically reworked versions of the original material that stop just short of making the material seems like a whole new track. If you've enjoyed any of the previous Crocodile Shop material then you will definitely want to acquire this EP even if it is an import release.

Crocodile Shop is:
Mick Hale - vox, programming
V. Markus - keys, macintosh
RA Werner - bass, fx

Out of Line
P.O. Box 1127
36094 Petersburg


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