Crocodile Shop: Pain

  1. Any Anything
  2. Waiting Game
  3. Same Cars Crashing
  4. Splitting Ears
  5. Soviet
  6. In Ruins
  7. Xstassee
  8. Input Out
  9. Horizon
  10. Neimad
  11. Atrium
  12. War Decade

Crocodile Shop return from an almost non-existent time between releases with their third and arguably most solid release. Once again the trio from the Garden State have drastically changed their core sound while still retaining many of the standard elements that gave them their unique sound. This time they have chosen to explore the conglomeration of a variety of musical styles in a very successful endeavor that finally earns my begrudging respect. Having composed many a negative word in the direction of Crocodile Shops music in the past, in as much as being labeled their most hard to please critic, I will admit that I am finally completely pleased with one of their releases. Gone are the Laibachian socialist influences along with a myriad of other artists who unduly surfaced in previous releases. This time around, Crocodile Shop have finally been able to acquire a true sound for their own. The only downside to this is that their sound is so unique that it is extremely uneasy to codify. The only common thread is that they have been able to weave a large volume of usually disparate elements together into form a that just sounds right. So if you have been desperately searching for an American artist who has a fresh outlook on electro and isn't afraid to incorporate a few out of place elements for the sake of the overall mood of the album, then "Pain" is definitely something you will be interested in.

Crocodile Shop is: Mick Hale, V. Markus & R.A. Werner

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105

E-mail: metropol@voicenet.com

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