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Crocodile Shop: Beneath

  1. Die Driver Die 4:59
  2. High and Deep 4:50
  3. Some Nothing 4:14
  4. Right Thru Me 4:05
  5. Funeral March 5:24
  6. White Noise 5:04
  7. Drop It 4:50
  8. Beneath The Valley 3:45
  9. The Valley Beneath 1:23
  10. White Lies 5:47
  11. Something 4:12
  12. Higher (domination) 5:09
  13. Driver Down 13:06

It appears that Crocodile Shop has spent a lot of time involved deep, personal, and musical guidance since their debut release. They seem to have overhauled their entire sound library and built this new album from scratch. In fact the only similarity I can easily find is vocalist, everything else appears to have newly acquired. Having been called the band's greatest critic by the band themselves, I will be the first to admit even they can learn from their previous mistakes. Totally gone are the flat tonal quality of their keyboards and percussion, and in their place are a very rich array of vibrant samples. The depth of each track in comparison to older material in unprecedented in an American electro artist. The single complaint I have with this release is the inanity of the opening lyrics on 'Some Nothing' but even that can be overlooked when comparing this album to the mistakes made on "Celebrate The Enemy".

Crocodile Shop are:
Mick Hale - voice, programs, drum machines, samples, e-bow, metal
Ra Werner - fretless bass, effects
V. Markus - keys, programs, samples, vocals

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105
(215) 413-1805


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