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Crocodile Shop: Celebrate The Enemy

  1. Celebrate The Enemy
  2. Growing Stronger
  3. Said Said You Said
  4. Temple Of Lies
  5. [Re] Measures
  6. Smack-Up
  7. It Never Stops
  8. Grey Day Reign
  9. Crack The System
  10. Growing Stronger [Steroid]
  11. Temple Of Lies [Danse Assembly Mix]
  12. Celebrate [Sneak Attack]

In order to begin to accurately describe the events that occur upon this album, you need to first clean your mind of all that you know of electronic industrial music. Remove the dance rhythms, the political angst, the angry lyrics, and start again at the beginning. Supplant at the foundation the core anti- government belief held by some many industrial musicians, then in a slow methodical fashion, rebuilt the industrial movement from the late seventies totally from scratch, but this time, think analog, flat, monotone. Think of the Orwellian view of 1984, totally devoid of major technological advances. This will have give you an firm ground on which to base your musical dissection upon. Now, in the place of mega-bass and pulsating lights, you have insipid drum rhythms, and grey programming styles. Crocodile Shop while creating wonderfully original music has also gone a bit too far over the edge and have created an album that from the onset is starkly monotone. The music has it moments, but it never really escapes from the utter lack of emotive content present in the music.

Tinman Records
P.O. Box 1114
New Brunswick, NJ, 08901


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