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Crawl Unit: vs. Silence

  1. vs. Silence - Part I
  2. vs. Silence - Part II

Consisting of three extremely long compositions and two rather short pieces this Crawl Unit album is truly a struggle against silence. The music on this album is so ultra minimal that unless you have a good stereo you simply cannot interpret the true depth and subtlety of the music. While I'm not quite sure what the artist had in mind while composing this music it seems as if the sounds throughout this CD are actually fighting what is just barely a winning battle over silence. Each of the five pieces barely peak the volume meter no matter how high you turn them up and they all seem to be fighting against the void that is the absence of sound. Musically this means that each track is little more than a collection of ambient sounds and field recordings regeneratively enhanced to remove all of the offending hiss, clicks and snaps inherent in all analog media. Ultimately this means that "vs. Silence" is not an album for everyone, but rather a listening experience that is intended to be enjoyed with the benefits of a voluminous stereo system rather than the limiting factors of a pair of headphones.

Crawl Unit is: J Crawley

Manifold Records
P.O. Box 12266
Memphis, TN 38182


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