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Crash A/D: Thermal System

  1. Rotator 4:41
  2. Thorn 5:46
  3. Demagogue 4:11
  4. No Ground To Give 4:34
  5. From The Darkness 4:32
  6. DeProgram 4:39
  7. Pain Generator 5:39
  8. Force The Inflection 5:30
  9. Infiltration 4:37
  10. A Frictionless Surface 7:16

If you are a fan of the old-school EBM style of music reminiscent of bands like Nitzer Ebb and Front242 then you will love Crash A/D. In fact Crash A/D sounds so much like Nitzer Ebb that one might begin to wonder if they simply changed their name until you check the credits in the liner notes. The only obvious difference between these two projects is the choice of lyrics. Crash A/D definitely have more a cyber theme to their vocals including such buzzwords as Technocracy in their lyrics. Crash A/D certainly has the club goers as a shoe-in audience due to the compulsively driven dance nature of the music that infects even those of us who have no rhythm. Unfortunately their music is just a rehash of ten year old concepts which haven't been buried long enough to see a resurgence of the genre yet. As a result the album has a very dated feel to it even though it was just released this year.

Crash A/D is: Tom Cahill, Ken Pecoraro & Eric Monse

Escalation Records
179 Willet Avenue
South River, NJ 08882


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