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Covenant: Final Man

  1. Final Man 4:11
  2. Final Man (Club Version) 5:05
  3. Control 4:32
  4. Sample Start 4:54

"Final Man" is the first single off the forthcoming third Covenant album "Europa". While the material is certainly written by the Swedish trio, it utilizes a number of elements that they have shyed away from in the past. The title track 'Final Man' utilizes a grittier drum programming than one would expect from a band who still hold Synth-Pop dear to heart. Yet it is done in a way as to not detract from the warm strings and melodic vocals. The only difference between the two versions of 'Final Man' are that the club version is a bit faster and the arrangement is slightly more complex and layered making for a certain dance hit. The first of the two non-album tracks 'Control' is very slow, bordering on Ambient if the drum programming and Eskil vocals were stripped away. 'Sample Start' rounds out the single with a grindingly percussive instrumental that is more reminiscent of the Ant-Zen power noise movement than Covenant material. Overall, "Final Man" is a very well rounded single full of both the usual Covenant dance appeal as well as some more experimental tracks to keep the fans on their toes.

Covenant is:
Eskil Simonsson - composition & vocals
Jakim Montelius - lyrics & samples
Clas Nachmanson - performance & keyboards

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117


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