Covenant: Dreams of the Cryotank

  1. Theremin 4:22
  2. Replicant 4:01
  3. Shipwreck 4:46
  4. Painamplifier 4:16
  5. Hardware Requiem 4:45
  6. Shelter 4:10
  7. Wasteland 3:50
  8. Voices 4:35
  9. Edge of Dawn (Mix) 4:34
  10. Speed 5:16
  11. Cryotank Expansion 25:46
  12. Theremin (Club Edit) 4:31

After the release of the domestic "Theremin EP" I was prepared for a stellar performance on the next Covenant release, but unfortunately it appears that maybe I was a bit hasty in my assessment of their work. While "Dreams of the Cryotank" isn't a poor release, it isn't anything spectacular either. It appears that most of their club appeal and compositional depth comes from the variety of remix artists who have accentuated the mixes tremendously. In reality, Covenant's true compositional form is rather sparse and simplistic in nature drawing their programming from more presets than I had originally realized. However, there is one thing that Covenant does have that other bands seem to be lacking, a consistent vocalist. Eskil Simonsson sings not only without the use of vocal treatments but with a depth and tonality that most electro artists could only dream about. As a result, his vocals are have the ability to bring the musical accompaniment up a few notches to a level that overshadows most other recent electro releases. With luck, Covanent will learn a thing or two from the artists who remixed their material and will beef up their music accordingly so that their next record will be a little more consistent.

Covenant is:
Eskil Simonsson - composition & vocals
Jakim Montelius - lyrics & samples
Clas Nachmanson - performance & keyboards

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117

E-mail: circuit@sirius.com

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