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Covenant: Theremin EP

  1. Theremin (Club Version) 4:31
  2. Figurehead (Plain) 4:45
  3. Speed (Club Version) 5:47
  4. Voices (Optocoded) 4:44
  5. Void (DOAC Version) 4:34
  6. Theremin (US Remix) 5:47
  7. Speed (Optocoded) 4:43

Covenant is yet another band riding the wave of the European electro onslaught. For reasons that I cannot begin to fathom there seems to be no end to the rising tide of quality that the current trend of European electro artists are sending our way. This particular EP is a collection of an older single and several new remixes that are available only in the US market. Covenant also has an older and a brand new full length album due to hit the streets very soon as well. Musically the EP is a collection of complex, heavily layered, and dance friendly songs which are sure to drive your local clubs into a frenzy of flailing appendages as soon as the DJ's get a hold of it. The lyrics mesh very well with the rabid mood of up-tempo beats proclaiming such politically motivated statements as, "We dance to the sound of sirens!" The lyrics exhibit mankind's placid insensitivity to violence and social issues. All these elements when combined together make for an excellent first contact for Covenant that will definitely give them success in the domestic American market.

Covenant is:
Eskil Simonsson - composition & vocals
Jakim Montelius - lyrics & samples
Clas Nachmanson - performance & keyboards

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117


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