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Cosmicity: The Vision

  1. M 3:09
  2. Maybe 2:51
  3. With The Moon 3:42
  4. Egypt 3:15
  5. The Vision 3:39
  6. Free 3:36
  7. Keep Me In Mind 4:13
  8. Yeah, So What? 4:33
  9. Not Long Now 4:14
  10. M (David's Dub) 3:10
  11. Enhance 3:38
  12. Free(Of Vocals Dub) ?:??

Mildy danceable synth pop along the lines of New Order and Pet Shop Boys is what the flyer says advertising this album and it could not be any more succinct. The music lies closer to easy listening than dance oriented for the most part and the comparisons to the popular eighties synth pop bands are absolutely right on target. Not bad music from a band who put together all this music for a college class. The album has a few high points, but nothing outstanding to speak about, just good old synth pop.

Cosmicity is Mark Nicholas

Mark Nicholas
1756 Plymouth Rd.
Dept 279
Ann Arbor, MI 48105


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