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Coptic Rain: Clarion's End

  1. The Haunt
  2. Devil In Disguise
  3. In To The Sun
  4. And All I Loved
  5. Rejoice
  6. Selvas
  7. Midgard
  8. Cortex Wave
  9. Scanner
  10. Slepnir
  11. Even Closer

This album brings a more organic feel to the band as well as exhibiting the beauty of Katrin's vocal abilities. The guitars play a slightly stronger role than on the previous album, but the electronics still come across as a distinct identity, although they do not show up as often as they did on the last album. Katrin effortlessly goes from her usual screaming, pained vocals to a straight, sultry style reminiscent of Siouxsie on some tracks, proving that she can definitely sing without the use of effects. They even complete drop their naturally aggressive sound to bring us a mellow, acoustic piece on 'And All I Loved.' I guess this could be considered a ballad to some degree, but thankfully this track never resorts to the cheesiness or sappiness factor that ends up on most ballads; it is actually a very strong and emotionally-charged song. The songs are also "catchier" to some extent, because the band seems to be putting more effort into creating a more in depth song structure on each track. They also seem to do a little experimentation with the way sounds are manipulated and presented on this album, and on first listen, I wasn't sure if it there was something wrong with my CD player or the CD itself; but upon close examination you appreciate these little effects for the playful feel they bring to the tracks. They even do a cover an Elvis Presley song, 'Devil in Disguise'; but fear not, it is laid out in such a manner that you would not even think of the "King" while listening to this. (Kevin Congdon)

Coptic Rain are:
Katrin Radman - Voice
Pete Penko - Everything else

Dynamica/Modern Music Records
PO Box 11 02 26
10832 Berlin


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