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Con: Lucky 13

  1. Down
  2. Seen It All
  3. Catch The Signal
  4. Munk
  5. Why Bother
  6. No More
  7. Heaven 1999
  8. Isn't It
  9. Desire
  10. Pick Yourself Up
  11. System
  12. Watch Us Fall

Con is a diverse musical project which seems to scatter it's musical direction all over the electronic map. Varying from fast paced dance tunes with potent vocals, to operatic fanfares and back to much slower pieces. Normally I'd be all over an artists suggesting that they choose one particular style and work within that narrow window. Yet in this case the multitude of styles doesn't seem to detract from the overall presence of the album in any way. There remains just enough stylistic linkage between each track to allow the album to flow along a natural line of progression which most artists simply cannot accomplish. A few of tracks even have a strong catchy rhythm to them which suggest that the artists has had some musical experience outside of this album that their sparse press kit didn't mention. Overall the album doesn't provide any new musical concepts but it utilizes a large majority of the older electro industrial style with enough skill to have created a positive niche for itself and a good future for the artist.

Con is: John O'Herron

c/o Object Recordings
P.O. Box 53147
Washington, DC 20009


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