The Coma Twins: Demo

  1. Subtle Sorrow 4:13
  2. Live Sighting 5:07

Coma Twins is the recently reactivated solo project of Paul Wynia, formerly of Kill Switch... Klick. This time out he has chosen to shy away from the usual electro scene as he has done with previous material and has instead headed straight for the cornball techno sound. On this two song demo, Paul has chosen to wander all over the techno scene using elements from jungle, rave, happy hardcore, dub, and drum'n'bass. Unfortunately the end result is more suitable for the soundtrack to an arcade game than for music you could play in the club. Not only is it far too experimental to dance to, but it is way far off the beaten path from the traditional techno sound. I do give it one commendation in that it doesn't sound like anything else that has ever graced my ears. So for uniqueness, it garner's my praise, but for quality, it needs a great deal of work before the general public would want to consume it.

The Coma Twins are: Paul Wynia

The Coma Twins
12722 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98125


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