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Collide: Distort

  1. Pandora's Box (Opened Remix)
  2. Son of a Preacher Man (Bat Remix)
  3. Falling Up (Egypt Remix)
  4. Whip It (Version 2.0)
  5. Beneath the Skin (Razors Edge Mix)
  6. Obsession (Version 2.0)
  7. Violet's Dance (Abstract Dub Fuck)
  8. Falling Up (Full Moon Remix)
  9. Black (Pitched Remix)
  10. Pandora's Box (Ultrajet Remix)
  11. Strange (Bizarre Remix)
  12. Deep (2Deep Remix)
  13. Violet's Dance (Blister Feet Remix)
  14. Fear No Evil

"Distort" is the penultimate Collide remix album designed to satiate the media clamor for a new Collide release just a little longer. Unlike most remix albums which tend to concentrate on only the popular tracks from an album, "Distort" has more than a single remix of two tracks. This means that tracks like 'Black' and 'Strange' which received little attention on the original release "Beneath the Skin" get a chance to shine here. Of course all of the various Collide compilation appearances and cover songs make their appearance as well including the Devo's 'Whip It', Siouxsie's 'Obsession', and from the Cyberpunk Fiction soundtrack 'Son of a Preacher Man'. As luck would have the album is rounded out with a brand new track 'Fear No Evil' which serves as an excellent indication of where Collide is heading in the future. "Distort" is certainly one of the best remix albums released in recent memory for not only the depth and extreme diversity of the remixes but for the track selection as well making this record a definite must have.

Collide is: KaRin & Statik

Re-Constriction Records
4901-906 Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117-3432


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