Album Cover

Collide: ..the crimson trial

Side 1

  1. Violet's Dance
  2. Deep
  3. Have Faith
  4. Black
  5. Strange
  6. Dreams and Illusions
  7. Falling Up

Side 2

  1. Violet's Dance - vocal mix
  2. Black - vocal mix
  3. Falling Up - instrumental chaos mix
  4. Dreams and Illusions - instrumental dub

There are few industrial bands with female vocalists and even fewer who do it well. Collide is one of those few. Sounding very much like Siouxsie in places Tripp's voice creates a distinctive mood with seems to mesh with whatever particular style of music being played whither it is hardcore industrial dance to ambient percussion. Her voice alone makes the album, without I feel the music itself would be a wash not being quite strong enough to instill a vibrance of life on it's own. However for a duo just starting out working together the music is incredibly lush and full of life. Tripp and Statik obvious work very well together and with any luck should go places if their music reaches the right people.

Collide is:
Tripp 9 - vocals, poetry
Statik - noise, sonic matrix assembly

4470 Sunset Blvd.
Suite 542
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(818) 787-1091


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