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Collapsed System: Berlin 2007

  1. Berlin 2007 4:49
  2. Track Nine 7:45
  3. Observe the Rules 3:39
  4. Trapped 4:15
  5. Collapsed 5:16
  6. Brain Breaker 4:56
  7. Acidnation 5:39
  8. Addiction 6:13
  9. Die Zeit 4:25
  10. Re-Fusion 6:13
  11. Brain Breaker (Elektro-Marx-Mix) 4:25

Collapsed System is a Germany based electro act that isn't afraid to use some of it's synth-pop roots. They use a large number of string based sounds and ambient textures to construct a very homogeneous feel to their music. They use a limited amount of percussion and limit it to mostly a standard 4/4 structure. The end result is music that is very good to dance to, but that still contains a high degree of complexity and depth. The synth-pop comparison comes from the use of certain elementary compositional elements that were popular during the eighties synth-pop invasion. However, instead of leaving them with a dated feel, they are mutated and distorted enough to both retain a nostalgic feel while sounding more modern. Overall, this album is a very club focused release, which is sure to get people moving on the dance floor and keep them from being bored from too much repetition.

Collapsed System is: H. Langermann

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Suite D-82
Los Angeles, CA, 90045


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