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Cobalt 60: Elemental

  1. Bye Bye
  2. Sad
  3. T.O.M.A.M.
  4. Before
  5. You Are
  6. The Worried Well
  7. If I Was
  8. La Mort
  9. In the Valley
  10. Born Again
  11. Little Planet
  12. Poor Poor Pam

This is the new project from Jean Luc DeMeyer of Front 242 which brings a little harder edge to the music than his work in the Cyber-Tec project. I wasn't expecting to hear a continuation of the Front 242 sound on this project, but while listening to the first half of this album I felt that there was some missing ingredient to it. This just didn't have the complexity that I was hoping for; some of the tracks are in a speedy techno vein and become monotonous after a time. However, the second half picks up with a fuller sound and more complex patterns. DeMeyer and his partner, Dominique Lallement, interject quite a few guitar riffs in many songs which give them a Cubanate flavor (possibly a side effect of working with Marc Heal of Cubanate on the Cyber-Tec project). There is a nice contrast overall between soulful, emotional songs and hard, aggressive dance floor tracks. While I've never considered J.L. DeMeyer's lyrics excessively deep, they seem very simple on this album (such as the tracks Sad' or The Worried Well'), like they were added on as an afterthought and not an integral part of the music. (Kevin Congdon)

Cobalt 60 are:
Jean-Luc DeMeyer - vocals
Dominique Lallement - machines

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