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ClockDVA: Collective

  1. The Hacker
  2. The Act
  3. Hacker (hacked)
  4. Soundmirror
  5. The Sonology of Sex 2
  6. Final Program
  7. Bistream
  8. H.I.T.
  9. Cybertone
  10. Virtual Flesh
  11. Voice Recognition Test
  12. Cypher
  13. Eternity
  14. Solaris

If you already own all of ClockDVA's previous singles, you won't find anything new on this CD. This CD while a collection of Englands technological band, features various versions of items all previously released. All of the singles since Buried Dreams, and all previously multi-artists compilation tracks appear on this CD up to the most recent Eternity single. There are enough versions of the Hacker to make even the most diehard DVA fanatic keel over dead after the first listen. A big disappointment was Cleopatra's decision to leave off any work prior to Buried Dreams, such as Thirst, or Black Souls in White Suits, which is some of Adi Newton best work to date. The liner notes didn't help much showboating Newton's ego either. Unless your looking for a sampler of what ClockDVA has put out in the last five years, I'd save your money on this one.

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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