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Cleen: Designed Memories

  1. Believe 6:05
  2. Freezeout 5:53
  3. For All of Us 5:30
  4. Smoking Enemy? (Extended Instrumental) 10:00
  5. Believe (Edit) 4:57
  6. For All of Us (DubVenture 96') 7:40
  7. Did You Forget (DemoVersion) 5:00
  8. Shadowbox (Outro) 2:17

Cleen is the second Haujobb side project to be released domestically in the past few months. However, unlike the other project Newt, Cleen focuses a bit more on melody. While the music is extremely minimal, much like recent Haujobb, Cleen use more intermixed sound elements. These filler elements are usually abstract keyboards patterns that seem thin at face level, but several played together at once fill out each track quite nicely. Cleen also relies heavily on the vocals of Daniel Myer to complete the arrangement of each track. Without his vocals, the tracks on this EP wouldn't be complete. Standout tracks include 'Freezeout' with it's amusing Bart Simpson sample and dancefloor appeal, and 'For All of Us' with a catchy rhythm sections and classic Haujobb similarities. Fans of any Haujobb project are certain to find something on "Designed Memories" to their liking.

Cleen is: Daniel Myer & Thorsten Meier

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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