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Clay People: Clay People

  1. Awake
  2. Plug
  3. Mechanized Mind
  4. Calling Spaceship: Damien Grief
  5. Car Bomb (Am I Human?)
  6. Fade Away
  7. Raygun Girls
  8. Dying To Be You
  9. Thread
  10. Ghostwishing
  11. Who Am I?

Neil Kernon strikes again, turning an excellent Coldwave act into nothing more than a glorified Metal band. Gone are the grinding electronics and the melodic sequences. Instead, the Clay People have gone the way of the commercial Rock industry and scrapped all of their electronics. Even the reworked version of 'Mechanized Mind' doesn't due justice to the original version produced by George Hagegeorge of Urania on "Stone Ten-Stitches". The only remnant of this once great band lies in the stunning vocals of Dan Neets. Even amidst the sundry backdrop of power chords and guitar solos, Dan still entices us with he gruff throatwork. His vocals alone are the only thing saving this album from being yet another Alternative Rock band of the week. One can only wonder if the Clay People are now doomed to Rock infamy, or can they drag themselves back from this heinous effort with the next release?

Clay People are: Brian McGarvey & Daniel Neet

Slipdisc Records
101 W. Grand Ste.#600
Chicago, IL 60610


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