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Clay People: Stone-Ten Stitches

  1. Intro (Stitches)
  2. Stone
  3. Bloodsuckers
  4. Pariah
  5. Spider's Bride
  6. Pandora Complex
  7. Mechanized Mind
  8. T.M.S.
  9. Little Jack
  10. A Strange Day
  11. Stone (Remix)

From the very first track it is mind numbing how much Clay People have changed since the release of their EP, "Iron Icon" just a year ago. Upon closer inspection of the liner notes it becomes obvious why; George Hagegeorge of Under The Noise produced and contributed programming to this album. The most obvious change present is the increased amount of programming and electronics coupled with the guitars being dropped lower in the final album mixdown. This allows Daniel Meet to actually sing instead of scream his vocals which totally changes the mood of the music. Melissa Sharlot, the UTN vocalist even offers guest vocals on 'Spider's Bride' to deliver the coup-de-grace. The end result is a totally different Clay People album than ever before which serves to showcase the myriad of talent of it's performers rather than the dulling effects of the poorly mixed guitars in the past.

Clay People are: Brian McGarvey & Daniel Neet

Re-Constriction Records
4901-906 Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117-3432


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