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Circus of Pain: The Swamp Meat Intoxication

  1. Remove My Skin (Butt Mix) 4:18
  2. Dick Smoker (Swamp Remix) 3:37
  3. Remove My Skin (FM#0050) 5:06
  4. Right Here (Meat Remix) 4:26
  5. Remove My Skin (Paolo Remix) 4:28
  6. RReemmoovvee MMyy SSkkiinn (FM#0051) 5:57
  7. Butt...What? 1:54
  8. 0 (Edited By Kowp) 7:52

Circus of Pain is a joint collaboration of all past and present members of The Swamp Terrorists and Meathead. While only an EP, and four of the eight songs merely being remixes of the same track, this release should not be taken lightly. Each of the remixes are extensive reworks of the original track. The Swamp Terrorists remixes of the Meathead "Dick Smoker" track even has the vocals totally replaced by the remix artist. It's odd to here STR going crazy on vocals on what used to be a Meathead track. It's the first remix to my knowledge where the vocals have been replaced in the method and it works amazingly well. The last two tracks should also be mentioned due to their unique nature. "Butt...What?" is a short filler track, much in the same vein as used by Swamp Terrorists on their own full length albums. The last track seems to be some type of sound collage with random bits of vocal samples, static, and percussion loops all through together into one big experimental mix which is unlike anything either band has done in the paste. Portions of it appears to be other Meathead and Swamp Terrorists track reversed and slow down when listened to closely. In any event, this EP is something that any Swamp Terrorist junky would want to pick up for the sheer novelty value alone.

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