Chromosome Number Four Short Arm Deletion Syndrome: Lacerate Your Mind

  1. chromosome damage
  2. psychedelic conversation
  3. social contagion
  4. in, through & beyond
  5. madness of the prophet
  6. whispering steel
  7. autocratic fatality
  8. letters of thanks from hell
  9. the circle
  10. waiting
  11. the broken key
  12. 102.4 FM
  13. dead children
  14. clear vision
  15. in a rented car..
  16. alliesthesia
  17. lycanthropy
  18. radio bullroarer
  19. the cleansing (edit)

I was tuning my radio this afternoon and managed to get it stuck somewhere around 102.4 FM and could not change the dial. My radio then started to blurt out strange disconcerting noises and old movie samples amidst the static and throbbing rhythms. I furiously tried to change the station but all the channels had become one and I was subjected to this bizarre sound experiment known only as Chromosome Number Four Short Arm Deletion Syndrome. I only managed to regain control of my radio after being subjected to ninety minutes of terror and abuse. My body was found shortly thereafter by the police and I was rushed to intensive care mumbling something about lacerations in my mind.

Chromosome Number Four Short Arm Deletion Syndrome are:

Morph Dog - programming, vocals, guitar, bass, surfing, metal, modem,
tapes, treatments, keyboards, sampling, radio, knobs, spectral
enhancement, feedback

Herr Doktor Wundt - vocals, turntables, text assimilations, metal,
feedback, knobs, radio-bullroarer, guitar, vacuum
cleaner, clock, nature, keyboards

Jimothy Leering - guitar, bass, keyboards, programming, vocals, cows, treatments


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