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Christ Analogue: In Radiant Decay

  1. No Daughter Icon
  2. This Shall Not Breathe
  3. Optima
  4. Grain
  5. Cradle and Debase
  6. Wear
  7. Rigor
  8. Unclean
  9. Cold Magnetic Sun

Christ Analogue's second album, "In Radiant Decay" is a definite departure from the their debut release. Not only has frontman Wade Alin chosen to avoid the whole concept album issue, but musically the music has become more fleshed out and solid. Gone are most of the flowing electronic textures and smooth washes of sound and instead noisier sound elements have been chosen for the majority of the programming. The use of the guitar has also become more prevalent than in the past, yet still remains as a purely harmonic instrument to avoid it overpowering the electronic portions of the album. Overall, "In Radiant Decay" seems to be an album of maturity and a summation of all the trials and tribulations that Christ Analogue was exposed to since it's inception. As you would expect, most of what you hear on the album is a definite improvement from previous material, with the sole exception being the production. It seems that the use of lo-fi sound elements has taken it's toll on the composite sound quality of the final mix down. Unfortunately this drags the entire mood of the album down and ends up making the release almost unlistenable on a good stereo system.

Christ Analogue is:
Ray Guajardo - electronic percussion, vocals, sound design
Markus VonPrause - a+d synthesis, vocals, sound design
Traci Moody - guitars
Wade Alin - vocals, programming, bass, guitar, sound design
Robert Sydow - live audio coordination

Re-Constriction Records
4901-906 Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117-3432


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