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The Christ Analogue: The Texture Ov Despise

  1. the god of crack
  2. intervention
  3. antipathy
  4. southern baptist result
  5. surface like nerve
  6. lie of the mind
  7. divine intervention
  8. product of the rape
  9. withdrawal method - type 1
  10. withdrawal method - type 2
  11. fracture
  12. the religious experience of mankind
  13. i believe in slavery
  14. sour nation

A band with a methodology quite like my own. The message behind this album is that religion is a moral crutch for the week and the big brother is watching every move. I've heard a lot of criticisms about this band from many people some calling it a NIN clone, others calling it the worst piece of crap they've ever heard, but I feel quite the contrary. This album, quite unlike the single produced prior to the album, has a very unique sound and could only maybe compare to a band like Haloblack in the way the guitar feedback is utilized. On the fundamental level the album concept is not anything new however the directions which the music takes the atheist viewpoint is satisfying for someone who believes in similar viewpoints. The caustic mesh behind the guitar work, the harsh vocals, and programming is often intense and overwhelming. Yet another in a long list of bands breaking ground in the guitar industrial venue.

The Christ Analogue is: W. Alin

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