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This Shall Not Breathe

As soon as I dropped this tape into the player I began to wonder if Jared of Chemlab had a second band that I didn't know about. The lyricist's voice bears a striking resemblance to Jared in many respects. The rhyme and meter of the lyrics sounded as if they were taken directly from a Sister Machine Gun song whose name eludes me. The guitars that permeated the background and thundered throughout the song reminded me in places of the new NIN album, or perhaps KMFDM. if you haven't gotten the point by now that this band, while albeit very good and entertaining, has the uncanny ability to sound like a lot of other bands currently out there. However, this is only one track from an upcoming album, so I'd expect greater variation, and depth. A good choice for those who enjoy the bands listed above in comparison.

Manifest Records
53 West Etruria Street #C
Seattle, WA 98119


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