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Chemlab: Electric Molecular

  1. Electric Molecular (Album Version)
  2. Electric Molecular (KMFDM - Death Before Tax Mix)
  3. Electric Molecular (KMFDM - Instrumental No Taxes Mix)
  4. Electric Molecular (Black Metal Box - Malignant Mix)

'Electric Molecular' is the second single from the second full length Chemlab album, "Exile on the Mainline". The single contains four tracks; the album version of the single, two remixes by Sascha of KMFDM, and a single mix by Marc LaCorte of Black Metal Box. Unfortunately, the KMFDM mixes are anything but the run of the mill mix. In fact the second mix is just an instrumental version of the first mix without any new material added. Sascha even adds his token guitar samples throughout giving it that tacky repetitive feel, which has alway been the downfall most KMFDM material. However, there is a redeeming feature on this single. The final mix radically de-constructs the original version of the single and puts it back together again almost as a totally new track with Stella's backing vocals altered beyond recognition. Overall this single isn't anything special, but if you are a KMFDM or Chemlab completist you'll probably find it at least of some value. In my case, I'll just keep track four on repeat for a few hours to make up for the lack of new material on this single.

Chemlab is: Jared Hendrikson & Dylan Thomas More

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044


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