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Chemlab: East Side Militia

  1. Exile On Mainline
  2. Jesus Christ Pornostar
  3. Vera Blue (69/96)
  4. Pyromance
  5. Lo-Grade Fever
  6. Electric Milecular
  7. Latex
  8. Pink
  9. Exiled (Suck On This Mix)

Finally a year after it was initially recorded in Trax Studios in Chicago, the new Chemlab album has hit the streets. From the very beginning one can understand why this album was named East Side Militia. The lyrics are laced with Jared's personal references to the people and urban decay that was his home in the East Village of Manhattan and Brooklyn for the past several years. He then took that personal enamorment and added his eclectic techno babble to complete the his vocal contribution. Once should also point out that Stella of Sister Soleil donates vocals on "Electric Molecular" and Amy Gordon, label representative of Invisible records has a spoken word piece of "Pink" as well. The music is what one would expect with the band taking so much time between releases, a diverse collection of thickly layered synthcore tracks coupled with a few slower swing style love songs. With the only true disappointment of the album being it's length, one sincerely hopes that Chemlab will follow up this release something new soon. Lest we be pushed the point of the Betty Ford Clinic for the lack of our Chemlab fix.

Chemlab is:
Jared Hendrickson - vox, lyrics, arrangement
Dylan More - composition, programming, sampling, arrangement

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044
(202) 783-0044


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