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Chemlab: Exile On Mainline

  1. Exile On Mainline (extended dance)
  2. Exile On Mainline (radio)
  3. Jesus Christ Pornostar (album version)
  4. Exile On Mainline (album version)

'Exile On Mainline' is the first single from the much anticipated new Chemlab album of the same name. Having spent some time in the studio with Jared during the recording of this album, I've actually had the luxury of having heard over half of the new album at various points of completion. Yet, these final versions are almost identical to their unmastered counterparts with the only notable exception being their titles. The two album tracks on this single serve only to wet the appetite of those fans who have been waiting almost three years for a new Chemlab album. 'Exile' is a very stereotypical Chemlab track with it's signature sampled guitar loops and driving percussion and Jared's unmatched sense of lyrical irony. However 'Jesus Christ Porno Star' is a much slower track, could almost be called a love song if one didn't know better. In fact the track is a very innuendic poke at the Christian religious faith with the added benefit of abusing Andrew Lloyd Webber's play of the approximate same name. In any event, this single is an excellent example of the dual edged musical approach that Jared has chosen to utilize on the new album which should be released somewhere before the dawn of the new millennium.

Chemlab is: Jared Hendrickson & Dylam More

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044


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