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Chemlab: Magnetic Field Remixes

  1. Chemical Halo (bruised regeneration)
  2. 21st Century (rough sex demo)
  3. Chemical Halo (drag-strip download)
  4. Codeine, Glue, And You (scorched remix)
  5. Filament
  6. (suture)
  7. I Still Bleed
  8. Blunt Force Trauma
  9. Black Radio (in the neon blur)
  10. (suture)

This re-release of the old '10 Ton Pressure EP' coupled with four remixes from 'Burn Out at the Hydrogen Bar' is damn impressive. The older tracks sound digitally remastered, and the remixes, with the exception of "Codeine, Glue, And You", are original, and actually rework large portions of the song to make for a new interesting track. Also included on this CD is a new song, "21st Century", which leaves me thinking two things, first, kill the stupid heavy metal guitar riff, and go back to using filter for your lyrics Jared. Krayge Tyler of Virus 23 performs the guitar on this track, and the horrible metal riff smack in the middle destroys the entire track. I sat back and could not help wondering if I was suddenly listening to Metallica. As for Jared vocals, he doesn't have the right voice for the music. He needs the crutch of the vocal filters to bring grainy edge of the vocals and the music together. Overall, a well put together CD, but only for diehard fans who don't mind paying the cash for six songs they already have, or for those who don't own the first EP.

21st Century

Splattered cross the signal sky
Searching for future vision, covering up one eye
Flip the switch on this retro brain-fry
Strap yourself in for the ride of a lifetime

We'll plug you into our machine
Hook(ed) up inside your dreams
Impact in the 21st.. CENTURRRYYYYYYYYY
YEAH 21!!!

LED's are burnin', the edge is near.
Sentenced to life without parole in the technoshpere
Bury your past
Rocket on outta here
We're gonna blow our minds out in the stratosphere!!!


Chemlab are: Jared & Dylan

Fifth Column Records
PO Box 787
Washington DC, 20044


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