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Chemlab: Burn Out at the Hydrogen Bar

  1. [suture]
  2. Codeine, Glue And You
  3. Suicide Jag
  4. [suture]
  5. Chemical Halo
  6. Neurozone
  7. Elephant Man
  8. [suture]
  9. Rivet Head
  10. Derailer
  11. [suture]
  12. Summer of Hate
  13. [suture]

I'm just a smidgeon late in reviewing this album, but I figured I ought to finally get my act together and organize some type of comment since a new album is finally being forecast for later this year. 'Burn Out at the Hydrogen Bar' has been considered by many to be the defining moment of the coldwave movement. For those unfamiliar with the coldwave genre it is finely mixed melange of guitar and electronic musical elements that when brought to a boil has a finely serrated edge that run across the body like static electricity. Then Jared adds to the alloy his unique vocal work along with a stream of consciousness lyrical style and a spice of old school rock star mentality to create one of the few true industrial rock bands. Buried deep under the surface of music are influences so diverse and spread out that one would wonder why this particular fusion of decayed guitars and hybrid electronics would be the music of choice of this east coast duo. Short of an in depth Freudian analysis of Jared's bookshelf the mystery must remain buried in the depths his own turbid mind.

Chemlab is: Jared Hendrickson & Dylan Thomas

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, D.C. 20044


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