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Chaingun Operate: Binary Idol

  1. Cybochrist 4:18:30
  2. Solitude 5:44:05
  3. Monuments of Flesh 4:48:44
  4. Dark Goddess 4:52:11
  5. Netscape Cowboy 5:14:52
  6. Mixed Flesh 4:17:05
  7. Leaether Goddess (Leaetherstrip Remix) 5:31:02

Chaingun Operate is an excellent example of the quality European dancefloor electro that seems to be penetrating domestically at an alarming rate. While there isn't any notable uniqueness to the music that Chaingun Operate composes, it does contain all of the elements to make it extremely dance friendly. It amazes me that anyone with a keyboard and a sequencer in Europe can whip out this type of material as an after thought. Yet state-side we have so few competent artists that it seems that we are drowning in a quality vacuum. Chaingun Operate has it's sights on the domestic market and with any luck will achieve sufficient penetration to acquire a licensing deal. The skill and the talent are present and if they manage to find an unique identify, watch out!

Chaingun Operate is:
E.S.T.L.- programming and engineering
Carri - percussion and synths
Joni - vocals and synths

Cyberware Productions
P.O. Box 623
FIN-33101 Tampere, Finland


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