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Various Artists: Cat Compilation II

  1. Information Society - Closing In
  2. L.E.D. - Stranger
  3. Channel 69 - Listen To Me
  4. Anything Box - Because
  5. Seven Red Seven - Pill Box
  6. Dania - Your Love (Frustration Mix)
  7. Machine In Motion - House Not Made With Hands
  8. Division of Beat - Sensational
  9. Forgiving Iris - Annie, Would I Lie To You
  10. Still - Window
  11. Cosmicity - Tragedy
  12. Turning Keys - Who's To Blame
  13. Talent Mafia - Strictly Digital
  14. Release - Walk Away
  15. Elizabeth - New Day
  16. Realtime - Liquored Water

With the advent of the third compilation independently released by the C-A-D organization one might expect the music might be sacrificed for the sake of adding artists with a much larger portfolio, however this simple isn't the case. While bands like Information Society still headline the release, it is because C-A-D originally existed as the official Information Society fan club prior to expanding to support all area of electronic music. The production quality of this CD is the best to date leaving each individual track mastered at crystal clear levels. The sheer variety of synth-pop present is enough to make head turn. Once again C-A-D continues to put most of the large record companies to shame by compiling such a wide variety of talent that even someone who usually doesn't listen to this particular electronic style of music, like myself, suddenly finds themselves unconsciously humming along. Of particular treat is the rapid change in direction that Kurt Harland of Information Society seems to be taking his music. Just when you thought you'd heard everything he goes and drops another piece of wonderment in the laps of his devout fans.

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