Carmilla's Dress: Sampler

  1. Der Todeskampf
  2. Bloody Roses, Barbed Wire
  3. Living Death
  4. The Lights of heaven
  5. Fool's March
  6. The God Reminders
  7. The Abominable Deed
  8. Lasting Impressions
  9. Until

At first listen Carmilla's Dress appears to be a stereotypical guitar oriented gothic rock band with far too much doom and gloom for it's own good. However, upon closer examination much of the testosterone is stripped away in favor of a more minimal approach to the genre. On a handful of the tracks, the guitars plays less of a dominant role and is instead relagated as a time keeping device and harmony for the vocals. These are the tracks that really stand apart as being genuinely from the heart of the artists, while the other seem speak out as unfortunate tracks that are written to keep the audience happy. Carmilla's Dress shows some real promise if they can shake off the social posturing and play music from the soul instead of for the money grubbing spectators.

Carmilla's Dress is:
Jordan Decay - vocals
James Shroud - guitar, programming, vocals
Randall - bass, programming

Carmilla's Dress
3435 Edenbridge Rd.
York, PA 17402
(717) 757-6761


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