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Carbon Haze: Full Code

  1. Slave 5:18
  2. Hydraulic 5:12
  3. She Can't Stop 5:15
  4. I Believe 4:37
  5. America 5:41
  6. Heretic 6:08
  7. Awakening 5:35
  8. Undone 7:17

The key problem with the debut album by Carbon Haze is atrocious production. I am not sure if the problem lies in the master tapes, the mastering equipment, the CD manufacturer, or the studio engineer, but there is way too much extraneous white noise, muddy instrumentation, static filled vocals, and flat, distorted electronics. I normally try to avoid commenting on technical issues. However, in this case it impacts the overall quality of the music much enough to be mentioned. Apart from the technical problems, Carbon Haze is a typical three piece Electro act from Illinois. The technical problems keep any track on this album from standing out and ultimately hurt what could be an excellent album, if one could differentiate between an intentional sample and unexpected section of tape hiss. Carbon Haze could really benefit from taking this album back into the studio for remastering.

Carbon Haze is: Tony Scharf, Jason Weaver & Ryan Whittlinger

Negative Gain Productions
P.O. Box 956
Carpentersville, IL 60118


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