Album Cover

Carbon 12: (demo)

  1. No One
  2. Parasite
  3. Pressure
  4. UPC

Carbon 12 is the newly formed side project of Fear Factory's keyboard player. Even with all the flack that I've given Fear Factory in the past, I'll have to do a complete about face when discussing Carbon 12. On this self pressed four song demo, Steve Tushar avoids remotely sounding like his other persona in Fear Factory. Carbon 12 instead builds its roots from heir apparent synthcore bands such as Chemlab and 16 Volt. Guitars and electronics coexist in mutual harmony without either washing out the other in the final mixdown. This leaves plenty of room to add vocals and creative samples with out confusing the listener with other random elements in the track. Steve has even found a way to utilize usually tacky female orgasm samples tastefully when I didn't think it could ever be done. Carbon 12 definitely sticks out as the best self released music in 1996 albeit it still being early in the year.

Carbon 12 is Steve Tushar


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