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C17H19N03: Terra Damnata

  1. Penetration 1:56
  2. Scarifice 8:41
  3. Terra Damnata 8:16
  4. Razor Raped Pain 6:04
  5. The Imperator 8:00
  6. Breeding 7:30
  7. The Lords of Bone and Machinery 11:21
  8. Still Burn 4:02
  9. Androgyne 11:41
  10. Carrier of Shadows 6:19

John Bergin's solo project C17H19N03 (the atomic formula for morphine) gives me shivers every time I get up the nerve to listen to it. The music literally bubbles out of the jewel case and seeps onto the floor giving birth to spiraling chaos entities who try and eviscerate my flesh with their talons. The entire album consists of nothing short of a orchestral masterpiece set in some unforgotten umbral palace of tyranny where daemons reign and humanity is interminably enslaved. C17H19N03 is just about as close to post modern industrial music movement as you can get without actually having been involved with the initial gestation of the genre. John even includes his own personal adaptation of STG's 'Razor Raped With Pain' in with the rest of the cacophony. This is the kind of music that will end up giving you nightmares for weeks as you begin to wake up screaming, covered in sweat and babbling in tongues.

C17H19N03 is: John Bergin

Contact: C17H19N03
P.O. Box 45182
Kansas City, MO 64171

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, D.C. 20044


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