Album Cover

C-Tec: Darker

  1. Random
  2. Flowing
  3. Foetal
  4. Silent Voices
  5. Being Nothing
  6. The Lost
  7. Stateless
  8. Shifty IV
  9. Epitaph

A slight name modification, a line-up switch, and a major musical shift are the not the only things that are evident about the new C-Tec album. The band has finally shed the moniker of The Cybter-Tec Project, derived from their parent label in favor of a trimmed down version of the name. Jonathan Sharp, best known for his solo work as new Mind and Bio-Tek has left the project and has been replaced by Marc Heal of Cubanate. Lastly, the old school EBM influences have all but vanished in favor of a a heavily layered dark Drum'n'Bass staple. Once again Jean-Luc takes he reins on most of the vocals, but this time around he has shed most of the self-pity lyrics for more in your face and violent approach. Perhaps the most odd item is that having heard the debut EP two years ago, C-Tec sounds absolutely nothing like it's former self. Instead the band has gone through a metamorphosis of sorts and has emerged from it's cocoon a much tighter, upbeat, and polished project who is even gracing North America with a much heralded tour. Will wonders never cease?

C-Tec are: Jean-Luc De Meyer, Marc Heal & Ged Denton

TVT Records
23 E. 4th St.
New York, NY 10003


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