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A CD of Audiophile Computer Music by Christopher K. Koenigsberg
  1. Back to Nothing (1993) 9:08
  2. The Rat's Nest (1993) 5:41
  3. The Free Spirit (1993) 18:24
  4. "Brains" (1993) 6:44
  5. LCM for 12 Piano Sample (1993) 10:05
  6. The October Surprise (1992) 4:26
  7. Artifact #2? "ArtMix" (1993) 2:43
  8. Basement Artifact #1 (1992) 6:00
  9. Yellow Teeth Dub (1991) 4:37
  10. All the Same to Me (1993) 4:33

The best found sound manipulation I've heard, and I do mean FOUND sound. Every conceivable sound known to man and computer is appropriated for Chris Koenigsberg musical amusment. Garbage data from deleted files, pianos, basement water pumps, and birds all end up on various tracks throughout this CD. The range of experimental styles range from pure feedback, ear-piercing whines, to looped samples and piano overtures. I'm still trying to recover from the ringing in my ears from more than one track. Definitely an acquired taste, but a enterprising venture into the realm of sound machination nonetheless.

Recorded by CKK at Mills College, except #9 recorded by CKK at Carnegie-Mellon University. Mastered at Monsterdisc, Chicago, with engineer Jason Rau. Released by PWOA Productions.

All selections P & C 1994 by Christopher K. Koenigsberg. All rights reserved.

Warning: some pieces exhibit the full extreme of the dynamic range of the compact disc digital audio medium, including very loud parts and very quiet parts. Do crank it up and blow your speakers, but please don't blow your ears!

Dedicated to the memory of Benjamin Koenigsberg.

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PWOA ProductionsA
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1163 E. Ogden Ave.A
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